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Starting up

Aihe Yleinen, 7.5.2017 17:31, Vilma Hyvönen

It is easy to get carried away by a thought of having your own company, especially when you are young. You want to be free to do what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Surrounded by ever-present examples of successful people who made it on their own adds even more fuel to the fire already burning within you. But no one ever mentions failures or the astounding amount of work it takes to succeed.


Failure is uncomfortable, fades away quickly and its authors prefer to leave the stage in a hurry, so they can put it behind them and move on. And the effort? The waiting, anticipation, the hard work – this isn’t what we are used to, when most of the things we think of become available at virtually the same instance. The newspapers and social media constantly feed us with success stories. And if they made it, why cannot I?

Dreaming is easy and pleasant. In the planning phase of your company you are excited, you visualize your success, fame and glory, thinking the next LinkedIn article will be about you. The word fear is not in your dictionary at this moment, the world is your oyster and yes, you will show them all what you’re made of.

Starting isn’t that much fun

But starting the company is an entirely different story. Over 50% of companies fail within the first 4 years and only a fracture makes it to their fifth and more*. Soon you start to realize that the path you have chosen is not a smooth, straight road. Instead, you have embarked on a journey through a never-ending labyrinth of corridors, climbing steep steps, never knowing what is lurking behind the next turn, and trying to open doors you don’t always have a key to.

Starting a company is a non-stop marathon of thinking, analyzing and problem-solving. You can’t leave your office at 16 and postpone all the challenges for another day. Additionally, there are so many new things you must learn to do on your own. You cannot just knock on the accounting department’s door or delegate the buying of new software to the IT manager.

What you don’t realize about starting

No one succeeds in the start, because starting is the very beginning of building your future success, that is if you’re persistent and lucky enough to get there. Starting a company is mostly chaos, chaos you need to get ahold of.

Majority of businesses need plenty of time to start generating income, and even more time to become profitable. If you lack that realization you will quickly become impatient and frustrated, which will soon turn to anger, and from there it is a straight way to failing.

Agata Sankala

Osuuskunta Pointti Crew, Bisnesakatemia Turku

* Lähde: https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/11/startup-statistics-small-business.html


Yrittäjänuorten silmin

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