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“It’s all about everything”

Aihe Yleinen, 20.12.2016 13:22, Vilma Hyvönen

This legendary phrase was heard in one of Pointti Crew’s meetings when talking about marketing and branding. It kind of has the seed of truth but in my point of view it’s all about timing.

Remember the last time you left the room and immediately forgot what you were supposed to do? Did you return to the room you first left and all of a sudden remembered the purpose of leaving? We need to be reminded in our daily lives. If I need to remember something important to take with me as I leave my apartment, I usually hang my scissors to the door handle. It doesn’t seem like a normal reminder but when I see the scissors hanging there in the morning it triggers my brain. “Those are not supposed to be there…” And then I’ll remember why I put them there in the first place.

I know this little habit of mine sounds strange but I find it extremely efficient. The scissors remind me just in time, right before leaving the apartment. This is the way marketing should work as well. Not only getting triggered by something you might see or hear, but also getting triggered at the right moment.

I have a more concrete example: there is a very visible food delivery company in Turku which has been branded with bicycles and the color pink. The company has given out a lot of pink saddle covers and there are not very many parking spots for bikes where you don’t see them. Great idea, right? At least it strengthens our vision of the brand.

But, everytime I hop on my bike and see the pink saddle cover, I start to think about the greatest day ever when I didn’t even have to get out of my apartment to get food delivered to my front porch, it’s already too late. If I am going to ride my bike to the office, the school or the shop, I have already eaten or at least planned where I will eat and what. The trigger is there, but the timing is completely wrong. The thought of delicious food delivered steaming to my door sticks in my mind for 2 seconds after which I’m influenced by other triggers “Oh my why is it so slippery here….”

Imagine coming home exhausted after a long day at the office and trying to be innovative about what to eat out of your empty fridge. While you are sighing at your front door and taking the keys out of the pocket you would see a key fob from a food delivery company. All of a sudden you would feel relieved as the food stress leaves your mind and you realize that you can eat whatever you want with zero effort.

What I am trying to state here is that it’s not about who has the biggest marketing budget or who comes up with the craziest or most pompous advertisement idea. It can be something small and subtle, but the timing has to be right. So instead of being a crazy marketing campaign of caveman riding a unicorn that’ll stick to people’s minds for 5 seconds, be the scissors hanging on a door handle, just on time.

Anna-Aleksandra Ruohonen

Pointti Crew

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Businessman: 21.12.2016 kello 23:52

Scissors? Nice idea! Isn’t that a market need to be filled up?


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