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Goodbye Finland!

Aihe Uncategorized, 11.3.2008 16:10, Lisa Atack

Well… the season is over and tomorrow Lee and I are headed back to California.  We have learned so much here in Turku about Finnish culture and hope to come back some day.  Lee will be playing in Austria next year but we will be rooting for TPS! Anyway, thanks for all your comments and interest in my blog.

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Amercanmother of three: 11.3.2008 kello 19:00

Thanks Turko for taking such good care of my daughter, Lisa. We visited her in October and knew that it was a wonderful place for her. Your support of Lee and the TPS team was wonderful. Thanks so much.

PePe: 11.3.2008 kello 19:04

All the best for you both! This was nice blog to read =)

Paukke: 11.3.2008 kello 20:23

God bye Lisa and Lee ans thx to this season! Lisa: Can I have your e-mail adress sou I can send to you and Lee some picture off Lee in TPS?!

(Like same picture what is in yours puzzel)

Carita Lahti: 11.3.2008 kello 20:25

Everything has its time. Now it is the moment of parting. It was a great pleasure to have you both with us in Turku. You
had an exceptional touch in living as a”hockey-girl-friend”.
Wellcome back anytime with or without skates.
Wish you a happy life.
Carita Lahti

nurm1nen: 11.3.2008 kello 20:43

I wan’t to thx you and Lee! This season and that we know you and Lee! Hope you come back some day! (:

Jenni: 11.3.2008 kello 20:44

I wan’t to thx you bouth, this season and that we know you and Lee! Hope you come back some day! (:

Finn-abroad: 11.3.2008 kello 20:50

Thanks to you as well! Are you going to Austria with Lee then? Good luck to you both, maybe you can blog about “apfelstrudels” an “wienerschnitzel” next winter.

Raija: 11.3.2008 kello 20:52

Hi, all the best to you in your future adventures! I’ll miss your blogs. Being an ex-turkulainen they were special reading for me. raija

Gator Fan: 12.3.2008 kello 3:27

Hi Lisa and Lee! I’m wishing you all the best in Austria next season. It was great to meet you after the game in late December. We are often thinking of you and Lee. And yes, please keep rooting for Tepsi! We’ll get back to the top of the league one of these years. Welcome back to California as well.

Xuobbo: 12.3.2008 kello 15:40

Thank you for being a year Turku,and everything best for you and Lee.God bless ya!

Yab Yab: 13.3.2008 kello 11:54

Thank you for everything and best of luck in your “European tour”. If you start a “Discovering Austria” blog please let us know.

I am sure it´s a nice country and all but I can´t help wondering why on earth Austria? I would imagine there would have been better (hockey)opportunities in Switzerland or Sweden?

Timppa.: 13.3.2008 kello 13:26

Thx for this season and good luck in Austria ;) Hope you will come back after Austria season :)

laura: 15.3.2008 kello 22:10

Thank you for your blog and thank Lee for this season :)

Samuli: 16.3.2008 kello 23:44

Gosh, I don’t even know you but this blog has been nice to read and it makes me sad to hear that you are leaving. Anyways, thank you for this wonderful and interesting blog. I want to wish all the good to you, Lee and Mikku (I hope he enjoys his stay in California and Austria)! Take care!

Sharon: 17.3.2008 kello 7:37

Best of luck to you and Lee! It was great to meet you both at the TPS hockey game on my first trip to Suomi. It was nice to have a fellow Californian there. I hope you will enjoy Austria next season but in the meantime, enjoy the California sunshine! :) Good luck with your medical studies too Lisa.

keke: 20.3.2008 kello 11:25

goodbye lee sweatt! welcome here some day again!

2mas: 24.3.2008 kello 5:26

I pray and hope that rich red bull-team sells Lee to turku during the season. Have a nce time and thank you!

Lisa Atack

  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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