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I’m off to “School”

Aihe Uncategorized, 22.2.2008 18:19, Lisa Atack


    So, the bars here are quite unique… Some of the pubs are named after what the building/space had been used for before turning into a bar; for example, some bar names are “The Bank”, “The Apteekki” (pharmacy) and “The School’.  Ha, I thought it was kind of funny you can tell your boss you had to go by the bank to get a withdrawal or that you have to pick something up at the pharmacy and then head to the bar and not be necessarily lying!  I’m not really sure if all of Finland has these bars that are named after what they used to be, or if it is just Turku.  I also heard there was a “Toilet” bar that used to be a public restroom, but I haven’t found it…

One of the other girlfriends from TPS and I have been going to this great restaurant called “Panini”… I love it because not only is it reasonable priced, but they have only about 4 things to choose from and change these choices daily.  I think several restaurants do this in Turku, but I have never seen any restaurants in the U.S that have a certain menu depending on the day (besides of course the special of day).  Anyway, I like the limited selection and the meal is always good (probably because they can focus on making those four dishes really well!)


 Grrrrr.. I am so frustrated and not really in the mood to write about TPS… I will write an update when we win!  We have got to stay in the top 10 and playing Saipa tomorrow will be a big determining factor!


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Finn-abroad: 22.2.2008 kello 18:46

Well cheers then but don´t kiss the teacher!

Reader: 23.2.2008 kello 10:46

The “Toilet” you are talking about can be found opposite Concert Hall, in the intersection of Aninkaistenkatu and Maariankatu. I think Panini is a great restaurant too (but you shouldn’t have mentioned it, now they will raise prices because of the publicity), good food and nice people with affordable prices.

Veera: 23.2.2008 kello 12:02

There was a bar in Rovaniemi, which was called “Ylityö” (= overwork). Unfortunately I was a minor at that time. That bar is still a legend here.

Jani Virtanen: 23.2.2008 kello 16:34

You can find Puutorin Vessa, or “Toilet”, well … at Puutori, street adress is Maariankatu.

Barack: 24.2.2008 kello 7:47

So Lisa–What do the Finns think of Barack Obama? Is there any news coverage on the primaries in Turku?

How often do the Finnish vote in a national election?

Yab Yab: 24.2.2008 kello 14:46

Until recently there was also one more similarily named music club, Päiväkoti or “day care center”.

brunette: 25.2.2008 kello 14:48

I’d love a “Vankimielisairaala” (hospital for the criminally insane) at Kakola, the old prison!

Jan: 25.2.2008 kello 18:42

So we won’t be hearing about hockey from Lisa anymore :)

The nice thing about Old Bank is the possibility of 150 different beers to choose from.

Jani Virtanen: 25.2.2008 kello 20:49

At Kakola prison there was a bar called “Hard Luck Cafe”. Don’t think they served alcohol there..

PaKy: 26.2.2008 kello 6:19

And Paimio has “Putka” (Jail).

Location in GoogleMaps

Katinka: 27.2.2008 kello 18:23

I’d like to answer to Barack:
I think I can say about 99% of Finns think US’ new president should be either Obama or Clinton. Most gallups don’t even mention republicans. And I think Obama is here also more popular than Clinton. We have got a positive image of him.

And Finnish president election is every six years. Our parliament election is every four years. It might be even more important, because our prime minister has got more power than president.

Lisa Atack: 27.2.2008 kello 21:25

Barrack (aka mom or dad) make sure to read Katinka’s comment!

Finn-abroad: 1.3.2008 kello 2:04

I don´t know who is going to be the next president of US but for sure it isn´t going to be Mr Bush. So Lisa, whatever choice you make is irrelevant at this point. On the subject TPS, what is your feelings now when it is coming down to the wire?

PePe: 2.3.2008 kello 9:09

Huge win for TPS yesterday! And that huge hit on Sweatt by SaiPa player looked quite nasty. Is Lee ok?

Yab Yab: 2.3.2008 kello 15:56

Politics: We hear the results of these primaries but I for one don´t really know a lot about the candidates´ views on things. I understand the health care is one of the issues. I am sure that things will be better for USA all around no matter who wins, because also McCain seems to be more sensible than Bush.

Last election I was actually disapponted when Kerry lost because I disliked Bush from the very beginning with the first acts he did and the stuff he said. This was before all the sad things that have happened since. BTW I also didn´t like what I heard the taleban were doing at the same time in the name of religion.

Hockey: Awesome match in Lappeenranta! Keep up the the good work and this difficult season will be a success after all. We´ll do our part in the audience and make some noise.

Play Offs! And it´s finally snowing! All right!

espooblues: 11.3.2008 kello 10:05

Will there be a weblog from Austria in the 08/09-season as well? ;)

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