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Aihe Uncategorized, 17.2.2008 21:44, Lisa Atack


This last weekend, Lee and I went to Mummi World  (a theme park in Nantilli).  The park is only officially open in the summer, but we were able to walk around and check things out.  First off, I never knew what a Mummi was until going to Mummi world…however, it is a huge deal here (see photo).  To be honest, the Mummis are pretty cute.  Secondly, because the park is shut down during the winter it was like walking around in a horror film!  Deserted playgrounds and hidden pathways on an island…yes, it is on an island… so you walk across a bridge to get to it…. anyway, if anyone is planning on doing a horror movie that involves an amusement park, I suggest using this one when it is shut down.  However the town of Nantilli was very nice, it seemed very clean and pretty.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day on Friday! The holiday seems less commercialized here and some of the hockey boys mentioned that it is not a very important day.  Lee, however, got us tickets to the circus de soleil today as his Valentine’s Day gift! Mikku is a bit disappointed with the gift, but hey, you can’t please everyone.  The show today was amazing.  Some of the tricks performed didn’t seem real because the performers were so talented.  Hopefully, some of you had the chance to see it.


    Since we were talking about horror, the boys have been playing awful and lost 6 to 1 against Tappara, lost 4-1 to Jokerit and lost to Assat in overtime 3-2.  Now, I looked at the standings and as of right now we are not a for sure team to get into playoffs, so we need to start winning before teams (Lukko and Saipa) start passing us in the standings and knock us out of playoffs.


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Valentine » Blog Archive » MuumiWorld!!: 17.2.2008 kello 22:49

[...] Lisa Atack wrote an interesting post today on MuumiWorld!!Here’s a quick excerptLee, however, got us tickets to the circus de soleil today as his Valentine’s Day gift! Mikku is a bit disappointed with the gift, but hey, you can’t please everyone. The show today was amazing. Some of the tricks performed didn’t seem … [...]

Finn-abroad: 17.2.2008 kello 22:57

Yes the Mumin-valley was created by Tove Jansson, a great children book author. She is world famous like Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking). Their stories seems to appeal to kids all over the world.

Karhuherra: 18.2.2008 kello 9:13

Hey Lisa,

There is a small difference between the terms “muumi” and “mummi”. Mummi is the finnish word for “granny”, and Muumis are those funny creatures you saw. In english they’re called Moomin, i think.

But you’re right that the real horror at the moment lies inside the Turkuhalli. TPS has been horrible for a while.


Pekka: 18.2.2008 kello 9:47

Hi Lisa!
Actually MuumiWorld (or may be Moominworld) is in Naantali. But anyway that is not so important. Mummi World has also meaning in Finnish language (mummi = grandma).

It is quite funny, that different words have different meanings in different languages. A while ago I was in Czech Republic. There was a place called “Homola”. That word has a meaning in Finnish language, but I’m not going to tell you what it is :)

PePe: 18.2.2008 kello 21:19

Muumi: The Moomin. They are great! Did you see any of them or were they hiding? =)

Isabel Werner: 19.2.2008 kello 8:48

Hi Lisa and Lee-
that amsuement park place sounds so interesting!! when my sister was in Sweden we went to someplace kinda similar (can’t remember the name) that was only open in the summer too. but we walked around it in the winter and it was so creepy!!
sounds like things continue to go well. i can’t wait to see you guys in a few weeks– we’ll have a LOT of catching up to do in the Springs! and maybe we can recruit Lee to be on our IM hockey team to round out the season… we’re doing pretty well but certainly need some reliable defense!
anyway, i’m in thesis this block and need to continue to try to get stuff done. miss you!

brunette: 19.2.2008 kello 16:28

The moomins hibernate in winter, but in one story (in the children’s books) they wake up one winter. That story is called Magic Winter. The reason the amusement park is open this week is the school winter break. They offer activities to kids (and it’s a way of making money off-season too =P ) and pretend it’s Magic Winter again.

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