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Paris was amazing…and for those of you who have asked or e-mailed, Lee did NOT propose (remember we are only 22/23 years old!). Okay, now that I’ve cleared that up back to the trip:

Lee is one of those people who will plan out a whole trip… This includes his obsessive need to make a detailed itinerary that maps out our every move and even includes ten-minute intervals! Now our flight from Turku to Stockholm (the first leg of our trip) was cancelled due to the snow storm that hit Friday morning…so we ended up busing up to Helsinki and this ended up working out fine, however…since we were four hours later to arrive in Paris, Lee’s rigid schedule could no longer be salvaged and Lee’s world was in chaos.

However, he was able to gain some control on the situation by becoming the official navigator and map carrier (and because of this sacrifice on my part, we got lost several times!…sorry, Lee just corrected me…we got to see more of Paris due to his navigating!). Either way we went everywhere:

Church of Saint Sulpice (Prime Meridian), The Pantheon, The Luxembourg Gardens, Louvre, Champs-Elysee, Obelisk, Notre Dame, The Sorbornne, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, and the gardens outside of the Invalides.

Our hotel, although it was a hole in a wall, was in the perfect location to walk to all of the above sights. The Arc de Triomphe was the farthest and that was about a 20/25 minute walk! If you aren’t the walking type, you should definitely use the metro since the Taxis are ridiculously expensive! Going to the airport by metro was only 16 Euros for both of us, whereas a Taxi would have cost 65 Euros!

In addition to drinking lots of wine and making random French friends (who assumed we were lost and usually assumed right), we had a great time and hopefully, Lee feels mentally ready to get back into hockey mode!

Us in Paris

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Finn-abroad: 6.2.2008 kello 20:46

A beautiful city isn´t it? Have you visited Stockholm yet, it is said to be the “Paris of Scandinavia”. Well worth a check out.

2mas: 7.2.2008 kello 4:12

Hopefully Lee gets some good attitude to following games cause rest of the team dont seem to have to…. Hannu is best director to Lee right now.

Allan: 8.2.2008 kello 14:51

>> Have you visited Stockholm yet, it is said to be the “Paris of Scandinavia”. Well worth a check out.

Allan: 8.2.2008 kello 15:45

Ja, Stockholm är en mycket vacker stad ! ( Yes, Stockholm is a very beautiful city ! )

Live streaming video from Stureplan in Stockholm :

More webcams in Sweden :

Lisa Atack: 8.2.2008 kello 21:21

no, I have not yet been to Stockholm…Lee and I are hoping to go over on one of the boats in the next couple of weeks.

PePe: 9.2.2008 kello 0:13

Nah, Sthlm is over respected! even Helsinki has better nightlife! Stockholm is nice city though but I wouldn’t put my “dance shoes” on there! ;)

But in tourism way I would choose Stockholm over Helsinki in winter…but in summer time it’s other way around! Choose Hel or even Turku! =)

DAD: 9.2.2008 kello 19:22

Cleveland is the Paris of the Midwest.

Lisa Atack: 9.2.2008 kello 21:10

okay, dad…ha, whatever works for you!! ;)

Lisa Atack

  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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