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Aihe Uncategorized, 1.2.2008 0:21, Lisa Atack

Well, it finally snowed!… Lee and I were able to make a snowman as well as a snow-Mikku (see below…and yes, we are a little obsessed with our dog!). It is so much brighter here with the snow (light reflecting off it) and therefore, you just feel happier! However, some of the sidewalks are straight ice…it’s really scary. Today, I saw a man slip on his bike…I’m not sure if they already exist but I think there should be some sort of snow tires for people’s bike (like we have on our cars)….so, here in Finland, they have snow tires that have spikes… I have never seen this in the U.S. (they are like football cleats for your cars). Anyway, I am enjoying the snow, even though I am not especially fond of driving in it!


The boys beat KalPa on Tuesday and lost tonight to Espoo. Seems like the boys really need a break to relax and get some rest because they have looked pretty tired the last few games. Thank goodness the boys have a few days off now. Lee and I are using his rest break to go to Paris . . . I will inform you all on the Paris sights and experiences next week.

Below are some pictures of TPS (Isto Rama these are in response to your request)


Lee and the Snowboys



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KJ: 1.2.2008 kello 8:56

Hi from California! I’ve been enjoying your blog, it makes me homesick :) I miss my hometown, Turku! It’s really interesting to read how foreigner views life in Finland. Hopefully you enjoy the winter up there. I’ll be back to Turku this summer :)

PePe: 1.2.2008 kello 14:42

They are called stud tyres. It’s good to drive in the bad conditions because it will improve your driving skills but be careful.

Finn-abroad: 2.2.2008 kello 2:16

A question to you: We often see reports from the US of snow storms ie in New York and it seems that they are sliding around in their cars without any control. Do you have snow-tires or spiked tyres of ány kind in the US? Canada have more of winter weather usually so they should have them.

isto rama: 3.2.2008 kello 12:23

thanks heaps for posting the pictures,here in australia we dont have any problems driving in the snow,we just have to advoid the kangaroos lol….

Cooper: 3.2.2008 kello 19:06

Do any of the dogs use booties? do they use salt on the roads?

Paukke: 3.2.2008 kello 23:53

Hey Lisa! I have you and Lee a gift, two actually. One is Lee’s birthday gift and second is for you and Lee (: I give them to Lee, in next game :)

Joe: 4.2.2008 kello 0:23

Yes, we have stud tyres for bicykles here in Finland, at least my friend have ones in his bike. I really enjoy your blog and always wait for the next story to come online. I have seen you couple of times in citymarket but I have been too afraid to come and change few words with you.

And yes, Lee is the best foreign player in TPS for many many years. Hopefully you and Lee will spent next winter in Turku too ;)

Jussi: 4.2.2008 kello 10:02

It’s too bad you’ve been here during this worst winter ever. In the 80s or even 90s it would have been impossible to even think of a winter like this. Here in Turku the temperature has not once been under -5 C. In 1987 the average temperature during january was -17 C, and now it was 0 C.

Lisa Atack: 4.2.2008 kello 21:30

Finn-Abroad— Most people who live in stormy areas have four-wheel drive…however, it is those who don’t have it that you see slipping all around on the roads!

Paukke- Hopefully we will see you after the game!!!

Joe- your should come say “hi” next time you see us at the grocery store…it is kind of a hip hang-out spot for us…so we are there quite often!

jan: 7.2.2008 kello 10:07

When I spent time in New England I could not believe my eyes when I saw the snowfall. It really snowed half a meter in few hours. Would not help that much having the studded tyres. Also they were plowing the snow really efficiently and salting extremely lot. However, I prefer these friction tyres (wet&snow) more than studded ones :)

Lisa Atack

  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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