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Teemu and Aki are Back!!

Aihe Uncategorized, 24.1.2008 12:24, Lisa Atack

Ok…I know it’s never a good idea to write about politics, but with the primary election going on in the U.S. and having recently sent in my ballot, something needs to be said…

The U.S. is ready for someone new and hopefully this new person will make some BIG changes… (I hope I didn’t offend anyone…I’m trying to be subtle). There are so many important issues that are relevant to this election:

  • Immigration
  • War
  • Global warming
  • Senior & Social security

One of the big issues is the healthcare system… it is pretty obvious that the current system is not working well in the U.S…

Now I’m not 100% sure (so correct me if I’m wrong) but Finland has public healthcare available to all of its residents and also has private healthcare… and this combination of healthcare seems to work well (at least the people I asked seem to think so). I’m going to leave politics at that…

As a side note: Mikku is happy to be a resident of Finland, so he doesn’t have to deal with the U.S. politics right now!

Moving on…

Lets see… Hockey has been sort of a roller coaster. Losing to Karpat in overtime and losing to HIFK 6-0! Lee was rather upset after the HIFK game…he felt as though TPS could not have played any worse. The Karpat game was easier to watch since the boys played really well and were winning all the way until the last seven seconds of the third period. Then the unthinkable happened and the puck went off the butt of one of our players and into our own net!

Recently Lee has been wearing the gold helmet, which makes it easier for me to locate him on the ice but then again he is also an easy target for the opposing players! Teemu Laine has been injured but will be playing tonight! Aki Berg will be back tonight as well (Lee is really excited to play with Aki again).

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago, I tried reindeer for the first time. It was very good…of course the cook was very good as well. Also, I got to see a reindeer for the first time around Christmas time (Santa and a reindeer were standing outside the CityMarket!)

Mikku Likes Reindeer

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Matti: 24.1.2008 kello 18:50

There’s an interesting site where an American living in Finland (and others) comments on Finnish politic issues. They have for example usually a bit different opinion about Finnish healthcare system.

Pam N: 26.1.2008 kello 9:40

yeah, i hear you about discussing politics and in particular our current administration. the NY Times endorsed Hillary today and had this comment, “Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton would both help restore America’s global image, to which President Bush has done so much grievous harm. They are committed to changing America’s role in the world, not just its image.”
what is the general opinion of bush in finland?

isto rama: 26.1.2008 kello 13:21

hi lisa, my name is isto rama,i found this web page by accident, i live in australia-a long way from finland i know, i was born in finland but moved to australia when i was only 1 yr old, i went back to finland for the first time 13 yrs ago now,i visited tps back then and bought a jersey with my name on it and still wear it now,i also have there yearbook, i bet u r finding the finnish culture different just like i did,its a beautiful country but finns eat way too many potatos and fish lol,i love ice hockey but we dont see much in australia except on cable tv, i go for the toronto mapleleafs and tps,, any chance of u emailing me some pics of the tps boys in action,my email is -thanks for your time and ill keep checking your webpage,thanks,ya aussie friend,isto

Jarkko: 27.1.2008 kello 4:03

Nice blog!

Reindeer is good, but have you ever tasted finnish food like Karelian stew? In february fifth, Runeberg’s tart is worth tasting. Easter dessert called “mämmi” shares opinions ( but salmiakki is something everybody just must like :)

Jani Virtanen: 27.1.2008 kello 18:27

“what is the general opinion of bush in finland?”

In Finland, like overall in Europe, Bush is considered a moron. It’s unbeliavable that a president who admits bible being an important guidance in his presidency, is at war half the planet. Not mentioning how bizarre it is lead the country by bible …

No matter who is elected the next president, the world is going to be much safer. Actually general opionion in civilisized world is that Mr. Bush himself is main reason for 9/11.

americanmotherofthree: 28.1.2008 kello 1:41

Looks like Mikku is having reindeer too or is that just his friend?

Welcome back Aki.

Jan: 28.1.2008 kello 10:53

Uh, I still can not believe that it is a one man (Bush)that leads the most powerful nation in the world. He has his ministers, advicers etc.

But Bush as a person is rather entertaining and gives sometimes a good laugh with his errorprone talks.

23.2 I am coming to watch lee on ice, and cheer for Lukko ;)

PePe: 29.1.2008 kello 9:04

Teemu (Selänne) is back too!

Reindeer with smashed potatoes (poronkäristys) is the best food imo.

Lisa Atack: 29.1.2008 kello 10:19

It seems as though most people tend to dislike Bush here (and with good reason)…Read Jan’s comment!

Lisa Atack: 29.1.2008 kello 10:22

Lee and I recently watched a documentary agreeing with your opinion that Bush was somewhat responsible for 9/11….
called Loose Change…people should check this out!

Ari Paija: 30.1.2008 kello 11:45

Not all Finns have the same opinons about President Bush as above. They are minority but loud one.
Majority thinks he is a strong leader with clear vision, keeping us safe from the terror.
To lead a country with western values makes sense to me but not to the leftwing extremists like above.

Allan: 30.1.2008 kello 12:54

Hi Lisa !

I would like to invite You to a Finn-Guild pub evening the first Thursday in February at Pub Edison ( Kauppiaskatu 4 ) beginning at 7 pm. Any nationality with active English skills is welcome and you do not have to be a Finn-Guild member. If you want more info you can contact Petra Haavisto ( petra_haavisto( at ) ). Petra is the Finn-Guild contact person in Turku.

Here is the Finn-Guild home page :

To make Turku a little less boring city to live in you could to join the Finnish-British Society in Turku and get to know some nice new people. The society is not only for Finns and Englishmen, they welcome any nationality with active English skills. Here´s their contact info :

The Finnish-British Society in Turku/Åbo r.y. Chair: Mr Paul Whybrow, Talvitie 8 A 1, 20610 Turku, tel 02 - 24 44 530, mobile: 050 - 591 83 06. Email:paul.whybrow(at)pp.ine

Ther is an excellent discussion, support and information forum for foreigners living in Finland at :

The forum is very active and it has 13000+ registered members.

Peter: 2.2.2008 kello 18:39

Uh, Ari,… ? I’ve been in Finland for 10 years now, and I don’t know a single Finn who feels as you do. And I know a lot of them! So…

Lisa Atack

  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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