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So it is s new year…Lee, along with the other imports on the team, was very excited to set off fireworks on New Years Eve. Fireworks are illegal in the two states Lee and I are from, so this was the first time he had the opportunity to set them off. It seemed as though everyone here in Turku was out setting off fireworks in the parks and on the sidewalks!! In the U.S., many people go to their local town clock or watch a big ball in New York drop on television. Because I am in Finland, I got to experience living in 2008 ten hours before my family did back in California!

Overall, it has been a good year (besides the fact that TPS needs to start winning more often) and Christmas was apparently officially over yesterday (Sat. 5th) because yesterday was some sort of Holiday for the closing of Christmas…or something to that extent…. (I am pretty sure that is why the CityMarket was closed).

Yesterday, I played laser tag with two friends, and I don’t know how many of you have played this, but you wear a vest, carry a laser gun, and run around in black lights trying to shoot one another. Anyway, my technique was to continuously be in motion (I figured a moving target was harder to shoot). By the end of the thirty minutes I felt like I had just completed an intense aerobic class!

One of the girls I was playing with has bleach blonde hair and therefore, was easy to spot and shoot…so if you have really blonde hair you should wear a dark colored hat (pipo) when you go! Because of her hair she got negative points, which we didn’t even think was possible… but she accomplished this feat! Anyway, if you have never played you should go! There is a place right next to The Castle.

Update on Mikku:

So it is a new year and everyone has some sort of resolution, whether it is to drink more water, get into shape, or learn how to do something new…. Instead of making resolutions of our own, Lee and I decided to make the following resolution for Mikku: to avoid trashing the apartment and eating our plants every time we leave! (see picture of one such incident below).


The boys have been struggling lately losing four of their last five games. Many of the fans expressed disappointment after the 2-0 loss to Assat at home. It looked like the boys were going to bounce back after beating Jyp on Saturday night, but the boys lost again tonight to Jokerit 4-2. Anyways, the boys will hopefully beat Jokerit next Sunday. Ha.. I have a hard time pronouncing Jokerit so I call them “yogurt”….it probably isn’t that funny but Lee laughed when I asked him if “yogurt” was any good!!


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A-ha » Blog Archive » Yogurt: 6.1.2008 kello 23:08

[...] Here’s another interesting post I read today by Discovering Finland [...]

Finn-abroad: 6.1.2008 kello 23:39

I really enjoy reading your blog. I´m a finn living in Sweden but always keep up with things happening in Finland.
Your puppy seems to be a lively little creature. About Jokerit, try to pronounce yokerit in english. That would be about right:)

Sami: 7.1.2008 kello 8:40

Jokerit=yogurt :D

I’m sure most of the hockey fans in Turku like you will be very excited to call team Jokerit as Team Yogurt in the future. That is because as I strongly believe Jokerit is one of the most hated ice-hockey teams amongst TPS fans mainly both because of their colorful owner (Harry Harkimo) and the fact that during the 90s almost every SM-league final was played between Jokerit and TPS.

Finnish Woman: 7.1.2008 kello 8:58

Ha haa… “yogurt” Jesh!

It is Lisa writing about hockey from a woman’s point of view again. Good! Very Good!

I was wondering if you spend any free time with the other Finnish players. You quite often write about things you and Lee do with the other imports on the team.

2mas: 8.1.2008 kello 7:23

Yogurt is pretty close indeed. =) Jokerit yogurt must taste pretty awful though… Beat yogurt next sunday and lot of nerves with Mikku. Hopefully he grows to nice dog…

Lisa Atack: 8.1.2008 kello 12:30

Finnish Woman-
We mainly hang out with the other imports. However, yesterday we went to the dog park with Jesse Saarinen, his wife Virve and their small dog Tiki!

Eepi: 8.1.2008 kello 14:45

This blog is awesome. Thank you! It’s actually the only reason I’m visiting in this web page. I have lived in US so it’s fun to see how you guys see the differencies between these totally different caliber of countries. On the other hand our cultures are not that far away from another. Most of the things you have mentioned as strange is totally normal for us. Don’t be worried about the language. It’s so unbelievable difficult. Have you found any other difficult words than Jokerit. Yogurt was hilarious. I read Lee got contract offer from TPS, so is there any possibility to him to continue in the team?

Have a good one!

Jakkeri: 8.1.2008 kello 15:10

Hi, very nice blog! I think most players know jokerit as jokers or clowns. Lets hope TPS will beat jokers next sunday =)

Boys Like Girls » Blog Archive » Yogurt: 9.1.2008 kello 4:15

[...] Here’s another interesting post I read today by Lisa Atack [...]

Finnish Woman: 9.1.2008 kello 9:35

I suppose it’s quite understandable that you spend time with the other imports. It’s your “international family”. The Finnish players have all their friends, families and other relatives near them. I can imagine that an import player would feel very lonely during his free time in Finland if there weren’t any other imports on the team.

A hockey team has to have at least 3 imports so that the imports wouldn’t feel too lonely. If they feel lonely, they wouldn’t probably play their best. I think we Finns don’t spend enough free time with foreigners and show the Finnish way of life (all the curiosities).

I was also wondering how much effort TPS makes that import players “integrate” into this Finnish way of life. Do they tell you where you can study Finnish if you desire to do so or offer some self-study material or something like that? I know imports don’t usually stay very long in the same country but still, it would be could if you had better opportunity to learn Finnish while you stay here.

Finns travel quite a lot but foreigners in Finland are not what we see in everyday life. We are so international when we travel abroad but when we are in Finland we are a bunch of ignorant dorks. :)

In Turku, there are only approx. 11 000 inhabitants whose native language is other than Finnish or Swedish. Most of those, 30 %, speak either Russian or Estonian. Those are the fastest increasing language minorities in Turku (and in Finland). There aren’t many people whose native language is English.

PePe: 9.1.2008 kello 14:07

LOL Yogurt and I’m Jokerit fan.

You should by dog cage for the little ewok ;)

Cooper: 11.1.2008 kello 22:45

Looks like Mikku takes after Lisa; that’s the way her room looked as a teenager - but of course that is not the case now.

americanmotherofthree: 12.1.2008 kello 3:02

Where can we find an English site for the American fans of TPS?

Lisa Atack: 12.1.2008 kello 9:04

americanmotherofthree (aka mom)-
Here is a good site….it is in Finnish
but click on the game that they are playing (TPS VS. another team) and then two choices will be to the right of it…click on the “sirry” one (if when clicked no info comes up then the game has not started…remember Im 10 hours ahead)
if you want to see past games click on the calender date of the game (there is a calender in the lower left of the page) (it is easy to tell in the sirry… who scored and got assists and penalties

Mika: 13.1.2008 kello 13:14

Hi Lisa. You should leave some brain puzzles for Mikku when you leave home so that Mikku got something to figure out. I have a very active dog too and it have worked very well. Put some food in old milk carton etc. Or you can buy dogs toys especially designeg to hide food.

Lisa Atack: 13.1.2008 kello 15:24

Thanks for the advice…Lee and I are going toy shopping for him tomorrow…we need really durable toys because he has the ability to eat tennis balls…. the whole ball. The last toy we bought he destroyed in two days (ate the stuffed bears head and took the squeaker out)

Sharon: 15.1.2008 kello 5:14

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to send a big thank you from us for such a fun night at the Tepsi hockey game while I was visiting Suomi for the holidays! It was really so nice of you to go out of your way for us. I’m sorry Tepsi didn’t win the night we were there, but it was fun to see Lee play — I thought he did well! I sort of needed a vacation from my vacation when I got back to CA as we crammed a lot into my days in Suomi. We even made it to the husky safari in the arctic cirlce…although Santa seems a bit confused. He kept saying he wasn’t from the North Pole when we visited him at Santa’s Village and we all know he is! :) Now it is back to CA life. I will follow your happenings via the website. If you ever need anything from CA, please let me know. Also, I read a book (got it at a bookstore in Turku) called ‘From Finland with Love’ by Roman Schatz. It’s really funny and gives some insight to the Finnish culture/attitude. I think you and Lee would like it. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness! Happy 2008 to you both! By the way, I agree with your comments on the fireworks for New Years in Turku — the city seemed alive with their beautiful lights! As you said, so different from CA.

Lisa Atack

  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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