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Goodbye Finland!

11.3.2008 16:10, Lisa Atack

Well… the season is over and tomorrow Lee and I are headed back to California.  We have learned so much here in Turku about Finnish culture and hope to come back some day.  Lee will be playing in Austria next year but we will be rooting for TPS! Anyway, thanks for all your comments and [...]

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I’m off to “School”

22.2.2008 18:19, Lisa Atack

    So, the bars here are quite unique… Some of the pubs are named after what the building/space had been used for before turning into a bar; for example, some bar names are “The Bank”, “The Apteekki” (pharmacy) and “The School’.  Ha, I thought it was kind of funny you can tell your boss you [...]

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17.2.2008 21:44, Lisa Atack

This last weekend, Lee and I went to Mummi World  (a theme park in Nantilli).  The park is only officially open in the summer, but we were able to walk around and check things out.  First off, I never knew what a Mummi was until going to Mummi world…however, it is a huge deal here [...]

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6.2.2008 13:22, Lisa Atack

Paris was amazing…and for those of you who have asked or e-mailed, Lee did NOT propose (remember we are only 22/23 years old!). Okay, now that I’ve cleared that up back to the trip:
Lee is one of those people who will plan out a whole trip… [...]

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1.2.2008 0:21, Lisa Atack

Well, it finally snowed!… Lee and I were able to make a snowman as well as a snow-Mikku (see below…and yes, we are a little obsessed with our dog!). It is so much brighter here with the snow (light reflecting off it) and therefore, you just feel happier! However, some of the sidewalks [...]

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Teemu and Aki are Back!!

24.1.2008 12:24, Lisa Atack

Ok…I know it’s never a good idea to write about politics, but with the primary election going on in the U.S. and having recently sent in my ballot, something needs to be said…
The U.S. is ready for someone new and hopefully this new person will make some BIG changes… (I hope I didn’t offend anyone…I’m [...]

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Pumping Iron

15.1.2008 12:57, Lisa Atack

For the last two weeks, I have been going to several gym classes (weights/step/bike) with a friend who lives in town. Normally, I just go to the gym and play on different machines until I get bored…but going to the classes is much more interesting, especially when you don’t speak [...]

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6.1.2008 22:15, Lisa Atack

So it is s new year…Lee, along with the other imports on the team, was very excited to set off fireworks on New Years Eve. Fireworks are illegal in the two states Lee and I are from, so this was the first time he had the opportunity to set them [...]

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  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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