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Well I’m back from Madrid and had my share of tortilla (a Spanish potato and egg dish). I feel like Finland is more of a home to me now that I went somewhere and returned here. I know a little bit of Spanish and realized that a country’s language is a huge part of its culture. So on that note, I need to start focusing on learning a bit more Finnish…especially if Lee plays for TPS another year!

Lee and I recently got a dog…Well, he is still a puppy (13 weeks old). He is a cross between a Shi Tzu and a Bichon Frise and therefore is called a Shichon. We decided to name him Mikku, a Finnish-sounding name, since he will be growing up here in Turku. As of right now, his favorite hobby is chewing anything and everything! Oh, also, if anyone knows of a good, fairly inexpensive dog grooming place here in town, let me know (He has so much hair over is eyes right now he keeps running into poles). Also, please let us know if you know any good English speaking veterinarians or vets.

Three people have already told me that he looks like an Ewok from Star Wars. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I looked up an Ewok and Mikku definitely has a resemblance to one (see below for comparison). I’m not really sure what the Ewoks are known for in the movie, whether they are good or evil or what not; but I’m hoping they are good creatures…if not, Mikku may be considered evil and feared by Star Wars fans walking through the park!

Hockey (written by Lee Sweatt):

We haven’t played this past week but instead had some of the toughest practices of the year. The practices were very high-tempo and lots and lots of skating. Hopefully, we will be in good shape from the break to face Espoo tomorrow night and Kalpa on Thursday in Kuopio. Teemu Laine will be coming back from playing with the national team so he will definitely be ready to get after Espoo. Espoo is really hot right now, wining their last 11 games but hopefully we can beat them.

Mikku the EwokEwok

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ruttuvaari: 17.12.2007 kello 21:32

Haha, that was one fun and well written story. Thank you.

ruttuvaari: 17.12.2007 kello 22:02

On a side note, I’d like to hear comments about how safe you feel on streets and malls etc. compared to US. And how TPS players see Kärpät. Thanks.

Sharon: 17.12.2007 kello 22:03

Hi Lisa, I am getting ready to leave the sunny shores of California to make my first visit to Suomi in about a week for New Years…very excited! Thanks for your clothing suggestion you left on the blog a while back. Hopefully I will be warm enough. If not, I can buy more warm clothes in Turku. Anyway, I am writing to see if you want anything from California that you have been missing (it needs to be able to fit in my suitcase obviously). I will be happy to bring it over for you. As I mentioned before, my boyfriend is a big Tepsi fan so we will be going to a couple of the games while we are there. I figured if you wanted something brought from CA I could bring it to a game and either give it to you or leave it at an information type place at the hockey arena. Do hey have those places? Merry Christmas! Your new puppy is cute!

Yab Yab: 17.12.2007 kello 22:18

That´s an ewok all right. Not to worry, they´re cheerful little teddy bears from the movie “Return of the Jedi”. Mikku looks like the one called Logray.

Too bad the snow melt away and it´s dark again. I wish we´d have a proper winter this year with snow and the river freezing over. In the meantime you should get reflecting badges (heijastin) or bands so you are seen when you´re walking the dog. And for cold weather you need warm tuques (pipo) and scarves from TPS shop.

I heard TPS has made an offer for Lee and Teemu for the next season, I hope it´s a good one so you´ll stay with us another year. This season has been better than most of us expected so far.

Marco: 18.12.2007 kello 5:56

Don’t worry, Ewoks are good creatures =) I hope that Lee will play for TPS more than just one year.

Lisa Atack: 18.12.2007 kello 20:27

Let me know if you need any tickets for the TPS game while you’re in town… i can come up with probably two and for sure one…let me know..i can leave them at the box office for you and your boyfriend…have a safe trip over here!!

Lisa Atack: 18.12.2007 kello 20:28

Finland is much safer than the US! I will write my blog on that later this week!

Sharon: 19.12.2007 kello 20:20

Hi Lisa,
That is sooo generous of you to offer tickets to a TPS game! Thank you! If possible, we would like to go to the game on the 27 of December. Would that work for you to get tickets for us? We would really appreciate it. We will be coming straight from Helsinki (after my flight the day before) to the game. Perhaps we could meet after the game to thank you? Once again, we really appreciate your offer!

Lisa Atack: 21.12.2007 kello 10:48

Sharon- I need your last name (don’t worry I will not post the Comment that has your last name in it). and then you will be able to pick up to tickets at will call/tickets at the arena for the game on the 27th!

NACHO LIBRE: 24.12.2007 kello 18:01


Lisa Atack: 24.12.2007 kello 19:09

the tickets will be at will call…it would be easiest to just meet after the game… do you or your boyfriend have a cell phone number?…or do you know where the boys come out of the locker room?…

Cooper: 24.12.2007 kello 20:13

Merry Christmas Mikku - See you soon. Tell you about the pies later.

sharon: 25.12.2007 kello 10:07

Hi Lisa - I will check with Seppo (my boyfriend) to see if he knows where the boys come out of the locker room. That’s probably the easiest place to meet after the game like you said. I leave tomorrow night (25th) to arrive Helsinki late in the evening of the 26th. We then head down to Turku on the 27th. I probably won’t have email access after 9:30am PST on the 25th. I’m very excited for my trip, and we really appreciate the tickets to the TPS game! Best of luck to your boyfriend during the game and Merry Christmas!

Lisa Atack

  • My name is Lisa Atack and I recently moved to Turku, Finland with my boyfriend, Lee Sweatt, who plays for the TPS hockey team. I graduated from Colorado College in May and I am currently applying to medical schools and hoping to be accepted. In the mean time, I’m trying to adapt to Finnish culture and hope to share with you the weekly adventures of being an American in Finland.



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